What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a proven method designed to strip away unnecessary tension from the body in order to eliminate structural or mental stress and discomfort. In a typical lesson I will guide you through mundane activities such as sitting, standing, walking etc: so that we may observe and identify your unconscious habit patterns in movement and thought. After gaining a comfortable awareness of these patterns you will be instructed how to prevent the pattern from arising and replace it with something more beneficial. The result: ease, poise, grace, clarity, power and stamina.

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You can find more information about the Alexander Technique at www.AlexanderTechnique.com and www.AmSATonline.org.

Alexander Technique for Back Pain

In 2008 the British Medical Journal published a study which showed that the Alexander Technique is effective for the long term relief of back pain.

Read the details of the study at bmj.com.

Origin of the Alexander Technique

F. Matthias Alexander was an actor in the 1880’s who was losing his voice during performance. Doctors were at a loss to remedy his dilemma because his problem was not an injury or virus. Alexander’s discovery began with the fact that this challenge originated from the unnecessary, unconscious muscular habits when he performed. With great persistence he discovered how to recognize these habits and eliminate them. A lightness of being and charisma emerged in him that others yearned to imitate. And so he began to teach. Many years of his teaching led him to discover that the technique was beneficial to those whose challenges arise from not only performance issues but structural imbalances, injuries, and in particular prevention of injury. We are so fortunate that through his patience and persistence we have a technique easily available to those of us in need of relief.