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She is based in the Bethany area of North West Portland.

Suffering from chronic neck tension?
Sore shoulders? Stiffness? Lackluster performance?

For over 120 years the Alexander Technique has been teaching us how to unlearn habitual patterns that cause unnecessary tension in every activity that we do. A lifetime of habits become familiar and feel natural and “right” despite their debilitating effects on the way your body operates. Everyone experiences stress at some level in their daily life.  Stress triggers a “startle pattern” or the “fight or flight” reflex occurring naturally in our bodies. That creates an unintentional habit that lingers in our physique. Muscles contract unnecessarily creating tension, shortening of stature, pain and discomfort. You can learn a simple technique to undo those unconscious habits that are disturbing your natural and healthy coordination. Experience the natural space of bones floating in your muscular/fascial system. We all can re-experience the natural ease, poise and balance that is naturally ours.

Who benefits from the Alexander Technique?

  • Anyone experiencing pain such as back pain, joint discomfort, scoliosis, neck/shoulder tension, poor posture, etc;
  • Anyone who has an activity or skill that they would like to refine such as singing, acting, dancing, swinging a golf club, sitting at a computer, etc;
  • Anyone who is curious about getting to know themselves in a new way.