Denise Kangas, Alexander Technique Teacher, Portland, ORI was certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) in 1999.  For nearly eight years I have taught Singing Technique/Alexander Technique at the Pacific Conservatory Theater (PCPA) in California to several hundred actors of all walks of life.  Previously I was on the faculty for Chapman University, School of Music, California State University at Fullerton and Long Beach, Theater Departments.

My first Alexander lesson was in 1978 when having severe vocal difficulties as a singer.  It helped me immediately and I quickly fell in love with the technique. Not only did it eliminate my vocal problems, but it also unearthed a new sense of confidence and lack of mental/physical pain.

Please join me in a compassionate exploration of how your body can function with less stress and strain.  Explore your own unique potential and ease pain. You’ll be glad you did!

What People Say

Denise’s Alexander coaching allowed me to relax and free myself from physical and emotional habits when performing. As a person with neck tension, these lessons help me to decompress no matter what mode of movement I am in. She has a great sense of energy and is a kind, wonderful teacher!
—Laura Relm, Professional Actor

The Alexander Technique, taught by Denise Dumeyer Kangas, provides me a freedom of movement which I previously had only admired in other people.  I enthusiastically recommend  Denise’s skillful AT instruction to anyone who desires to become healthier through the release of tension.  She’s the best!
—Judy Bohlen, Retired Music Teacher

Doing Alexander Technique with Denise really helped bring an awareness to my alignment especially when it came to singing and walking. My chin always felt the need to go up which was causing neck tension that wasn’t needed after doing Alexander Technique I am more aware of how to fix those habits when they arise again.
—Allyson Hankins, University Student

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